2 O’clock Pizza Crust

2 Oclock Pizza Crust ++ the pear and plum

This crust makes me eat way too much pizza. I call it 2:00 Crust because if you start the process at 2:00 in the afternoon, you’ll be eating pizza at a decent dinner time hour (around 5:30 or 6). Honestly, I’m not one to wait for dough to rise….. maybe ever…. but this recipe is worth every moment of prep. And once you get fast at this recipe, it might be 3:00 pizza dough.

Note: I wrote out this one differently because theres more of a flow for this recipe.

(Makes 4 smaller pizzas)

1. Take out 2 large mixing bowls. In one of them, whisk together the following in this order:

  • 1/2 Cup Hot Water
  • 1 T Yeast
  • 1 T Honey
  • 1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour

Mix into a paste and cover with a towel and let sit for 20 min.

2. After 20 min add the following in this order:

  • 3 T Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup Cold Water
  • 2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 3 Cups All Purpose Flour

Mix with a spatula until combined and then dump out on a floured surface to knead. Work the dough with your hands until it is tacky but not sticking to your hands. Add a dusting of flour if stays way too sticky.

3. Oil the second bowl, place dough in it and cover with a towel. Let rise for 1 hour.

4. After the dough rises, punch it back down into the bowl. Cover with a towel again and leave it be while you start to prepare the toppings and turn the oven onto 500 degrees.

5. Punch down dough one last time and cut into 4 sections. Flour each ball and place back into a bowl with a towel on it so they dont dry out. Shape dough (one at a time), add toppings, and cook each for 10-15 minutes depending on your oven.

** Shortcut To Test Out Next Time: I think if I heat oven to 150 and then turn it off… then Place dough in the oven and it might rise faster?


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