<—————<<<the deal>>>—————->

two things:

one. I like dessert that doesn’t leave me in a sugar coma . (I’m the girl who prefers the biscotti over the frosted frostedness with frosting and frosted sprinkles.)

two. I like vegetables and meat. But mostly vegetables. So thats how my recipes are gonna stack up.

lets review…

less sugar but still sweet – check

less meat and more veggies – check

<————<<< confessions >>>————–>

I have this weird thing with capitalization…. I hate it but I also randomly will capitalize a word for no reason. Its all over the blog and its too exhausting to fix so shush.

Also, I’m crappy at writing serving sizes so if you notice its missing, and you make the recipe, lemme know what you think as far as servings. It takes a village to raise kids and to edit blogs.

Speaking of you, my helpful village,  if you find mistakes in the recipes – PLEASE let me know!

<————–<<< niceties >>>—————–>

All photos are mine (unless noted) so please give me credit when you pin them like crazy.

[note: feel free to pin them like crazy]


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